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JY STUDIOS offers complete  Media production services 

Over 15  years of experience in Media production specialized in production design, art directing and virtual set design ,virtual studio consultancy, interior design, 3D visualization  

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6 Al Sad Al Aliy Street, Al Maadi
Cairo, Egypt

Our Services Explained

For more than 20 years, our graphic design sector has been providing us with many types of designs, including media prints, 2d, 3D, and everything necessary to serve projects that our company has performed honorably with many clients, mbc, art , nile news channels, sot al qahera, Educational and children thematic channels, bbc, dot masr, and many more.

Since the company has a group of the best designers, and due to the excessive demand for EBooks and online education and informative 2d materials, it was decided to maximize our graphic department and create a specialized section for media books, which provides children books and magazines designs, independently, on behalf of the publisher’s side along with other clients.

Art offers will be explained to our clients upon request, including our design samples which will be provided upon request.