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Tuesday 13-09-2011
Kids Program:
     A new program called “Kids Running Letters”, Program set is done through our Virtual Set Studio team, we will launch the promos by next week.

Kids Program

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Sunday 20-10-2013
     JY Studios now launching :
 new chroma broadcast Studio - 
 Located in Maadi - cairo 
 Studio Specs: 80 square meter - 4.5 meter height 
                        Sound isolated - Air conditioned
A perfect space for chroma products shoot and or small budget TV shows 
info : 01020950700Exhibiton.htmlExhibiton.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1

JY-Studios  plato

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Wednesday 18-04-2012
Mediconex Exhibition:
     JY Studios have joined the international Mediconex Exhibition in the world trade center, offering the new presentation of both virtual set design and interactive multimedia.
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